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Digital Workflow Solutons For any Business

Improve your business today, tomorrow and into the future.

Sales & Order Process Management

Document Validation and Redirection

Purchasing and Request Management

Workflow & Process Management

E-Flow Cloud

You can now implement E-Flow BPM Cloud for a monthly license fee. So as your business grows, the E-Flow BPM solution grows along with you.


Manage your business on the go and mobilize your entire
team with E-Flow BPM Mobile. Become accessible from any
mobile device, anytime and anywhere to proactively conduct
your business.


A server-based solution conveniently and securely designed
to meet your on-site requirements.

Features that make a differanace

With the intuitive design interface, you can design your E-Flow business processes freely and faster with drag and drop functionality. Moreover it can be integrated with document, customer relationship and enterprise resource planning system.

Reduce Costs

With E-Flow you can develop and follow your unique business processes using less resources and without requiring coding knowledge. E-Flow can make not only the IT team more productive, but can improve the effectiveness of everyone in the organization.

High Efficiency

E-Flow allows you to create more business processes in less
time, designing them within days or even hours. Updating and
changing them over time is also no longer an issue.

Custom Process Specific Task Creation

Benefits of E-Flow

Convenient and maintenance- free installation
Low initial costs
Predictable fees
Fast return on investment

Manage Your Business With a Dynamic Lifestyle!

E-Flow Mobile

You can manage your work faster when you’re on the go. Let your processes flow when you are outside the office! Further enable your success success through active BPM. Should not prevent your success.

  • Create mobile applications quickly with E-Flow BPM Mobile
  • Are you using Android in your business? Or is it IOS? Let E-Flow think about it. You just design your process and lean back.
  • Get instant interaction between the web and mobile devices.
  • No coding for applications or users. All you need is The E-Flow Designer with its intuitive interface


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Create a process to track your unique sales cycle via E-Flow

All sales departments are well aware that one of the keys to the success is a comprehensive system that monitors opportunities, contacts and price quotations. We are aware that the sales process of each company and perhaps each product line is completely different from each other and that is why E-Flow is perfect as it is completely customizable.

Create a process to track your unique sales cycle via E-Flow.


Determine timelines for each step in the process.

These schedules should be based on your sales cycle generated for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate level and frequency of contact with the potential customers.

It is now very easy to display completed and overdue tasks.

A proposal has to be made on a certain date? A phone call should be made? Add this to the process and assign to responsible people for approval or sign-off.

Reach every step of the process easily.

Monitor progress of each task to provide better predictability and greater accountability.

With E-Flow you can meet your needs for adding, reviewing, forwarding and approving documents in a very short time. Any kind of document or file can be redirected and added for review and approval.

The E-Flow Purchasing and Request Management module provides a central platform for the automation of the full life cycle of purchasing management processes for companies.

E-Flow enables purchasing departments to easily aggregate, prioritize, and fulfill requests for both strategic projects and day-to-day activities. It directs the flow of goods and services within the company and manages all data related to the purchasing process such as proposals, orders, contracts and suppliers. Purchasing departments can efficiently collaborate with users by reducing operational costs while reducing response times for requests..

An effective purchasing management process provides high-quality practices for examining suppliers’ performance in relation to price and delivery conditions in order to be used by the purchasing personnel and enables the purchasing personnel to take the necessary precautions in case of adverse conditions, It helps purchasing personnel to make conscious decisions and to have control during supply process cycle.

The ability to make comparisons based on factors such as version, pricing and delivery times equips purchasing personnel with effective information to negotiate and gives the opportunity to use the advantages of economies of scale.

E-Flow’s retroactive tracking features with high-quality qualifications make it easy to track purchasing activities from one end to the other, from the person in charge of the purchase to the identity of the supplier that fulfills the relevant order.

Integrated architecture for active purchasing

With the use of flexible parameters, special operations can be performed for customers. The integrated system architecture enables advanced purchasing features, and information on material and service purchases is fully integrated with the existing ERP system in the organization.

E-Flow BPM
Simpler and faster processes with customized solutions

It is a very easy, low cost solution to install and use. You can prepare your approval process in hours.

Managing paper based workflows are  hard. That’s why many firms in from any size have turned attention to E-Flow. E-Flow is a fast, easy and affordable solution that centralizes your workflow. It helps you manage your processes with an automated system that structures consistency, efficiency and accountability. Each company has its own completely different needs. E-Flows robust system allow for the development of any process or workflow, if you can think it we can build it.

The days of wandering around the corridors for a job’s whereabouts, who’s responsible for it, and whether it has been done or even not done is now far behind you. E-Flow tells you if a job has been completed, if it has been checked or approved. it will automatically find the responsible person for the next step and does the assignment on your behalf. In short, it presents you with everything you need to manage and report accountability. 

E-Flow can be used in the following departments.

  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • Active Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Production and Planning
  • Project Management
  • And many more…..