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E-Flow BPM
Simpler and faster processes with customized solutions

It is a very easy, low cost solution to install and use. You can prepare your approval process in hours.

Managing paper based workflows are  hard. That’s why many firms in from any size have turned attention to E-Flow. E-Flow is a fast, easy and affordable solution that centralizes your workflow. It helps you manage your processes with an automated system that structures consistency, efficiency and accountability. Each company has its own completely different needs. E-Flows robust system allow for the development of any process or workflow, if you can think it we can build it.

The days of wandering around the corridors for a job’s whereabouts, who’s responsible for it, and whether it has been done or even not done is now far behind you. E-Flow tells you if a job has been completed, if it has been checked or approved. it will automatically find the responsible person for the next step and does the assignment on your behalf. In short, it presents you with everything you need to manage and report accountability. 

E-Flow can be used in the following departments.

  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • Active Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Production and Planning
  • Project Management
  • And many more…..